Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy Day!

Though sissy keep kurdapyo today for me to take a little break yet my day is still kinda hectic with other things. I just took a little time to relax while thinking what stuff to do around. It's easy to move around if someone isn't your way you know that right! So things been fixed. Then timely husband made an appointment for his teeth pulled today so since our little man isn't around i decided to go with him you know give him some comfort. Honestly it is my first to watch other's teeth pulled usually i was the one in the hot seat and my mom or sis is with me. It's hard watching the dentist doing it i felt like wanna help him...LOL! I'm so proud my husband is too brave to handle the pressure and pain. He never complain even just once. In my case i am so afraid when it comes to going to a dentist and i am so honest i complaint a lot when he done the procedure if ever feel a weird and something like that. So anyway that's what preggy lady did today and right now i am making dinner for my husband he need to rest and just relax for couple of days. got to go before the little man wakes up!


Meryl said...

aray....naalala ko sakit magpabunot...huhuhu ^_^

sweet_shelo said...

Hello Mommy she, thanks for coming over my blog..

You are brave sis.. I can't handle watching someone's tooth being extracted.. I'm afraid of anything that would have to do with needles, apparatus and etc/.. hehe

God bless with your pregnancy.. Btw, hope we could exchange links.. I will add you in my love links,.. hope you could link me back. thanks.

amiable amy said...

hello mom She, at least kahit busy, you still have time to update, just take your time and enjoy your day

dropping by to say hello