Friday, March 13, 2009

My Listing!

Soon i have my labor and delivery and i should prepare what to bring in that day so right now i am gathering few things here and there. I learned I must haves these stuff in my lists such s:

  • My personal identification ( all are in my wallet) and my purse of course!
  • My family's phone number, couple of friends phone number that i want to contact after the delivery
  • My lip balm and lip gloss (of course our lips gets dry you know)
  • Couple pair of socks to keep my feet warm (hospital rooms are sometimes cold)
  • My slipper for walking around
  • My nursing bras, undies and nursing pads
  • Of course several outfits for days of my admission
  • My robe and a night gown
  • A going home outfit for me
  • Baby's Blankets and few outfits
  • A going home outfit for my baby
  • My camera and video cam (with extra battery)
  • Publications for reading
  • My personal hygiene items such as mini shampoo, soap, lotion, lactacyd, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hair clips, body spray, and mirror!
  • I will bring my own pillow
  • My baby girl's book i have to bring it for her footprints!

So far these are my lists i guess i need two bags to put all my stuff. I also need stuff for husband maybe just like before, but this time though i just asked him to stay with our son at night and just come on over during the day. I'm getting more anxious now!!