Saturday, March 21, 2009


My latest feeling of being pregnant is i am having contractions every now and then it started when i was in my 34 weeks of pregnancy. I keep complaining about it to everybody especially to my beloved husband he hears it 24/7 haha! Now I'm 36weeks and 4days (I am a week further along than I thought). Everyone said that i may not able to make it till the due date because of the contractions i'm experiencing but my OB says that it's only normal as long it won't get worst then can't bear it anymore. Though i really want to hang on to 3 more weeks exactly my due date that's why trying to take easy here. However, I don't know but right now it is really hard to walk already, my back hips is hurting me so bad grrrrrrrr! I may have a back labor but good though i won't have long labor because i am scheduled in CS section. Recently he(OB) ordered me to just take it easy around the house but it's hard so i asked my niece to be with me and keep my son occupied and help some of the chores that involves bending and lifting. Thank Jah someone is helping me right now! Ohhh I am so ready to give birth!!