Monday, March 9, 2009

Kurdapyo and Kurdapya'z

The joys of being a mother is boundless. We will soon be welcoming our baby girl and we're just so happy and excited about it. Now we are preparing for her nursery room. I want it purple colored with little flowers, nothing much of a theme. You know simple yet stylish, like mommy like baby lol! Aside from that there are also few stuff we need to be ready, Baby Girl Clothes for example. Although I still have Joshua's baby clothes here but I would like to have some pink and yellow something for her. So husband said we could just purchase some online since I really can't stroll around the mall anymore with a heavy tummy.

I like online shopping cause it's so easy and there's so much variety, especially that I found an online store that sells the cutest, funkiest and most Unique Baby Clothes. What I like about this site is because you can choose which style you want and age range too. From girls clothing to Baby Boy Clothes are all available. I particularly like their baby pajamas and animal printed onesie., very colorful and pretty. And even though their items are fabulous, it's still budget friendly

So if you also like those unique and beautiful stuff for your little ones, just hop by through their site. Winks!


Cecile said...

congrats for the coming of the new addition to your family, exciting isn' it?