Friday, March 13, 2009

My son's fave MOVIE

Lately my son is really fascinating with this old movie "The Aristocats". It is funny because as he get up in the morning till before going to bed he wanted to watch it and he just go straight to the recliner in our bedroom and sit murag korek then saying MEOW MEOW and pointing my desktop on the wall haha! And we know what he is trying to say. He never get tired watching it over and over and over and over again yea as in! He indeed enjoying this movie i don't know why probably with all the cats, weird Edgar the mean butler, the mouse and especially the 3 kittens which is the one named is TULUS the silliest sibling among them. I liked the kitten named MARIE she's so cute the way she say something! Kurdapyo's face is glowing and concentrating whenever it is ON, as if every time is his first time to watch it! LOL. That's why his Dada got him a DVD at walmart so he can watch both desktop and TV in the livingroom. So atleast he gets entertained by the movie wherever and mommy has a lot of time to do more things around the house. So far this is his latest favorite cartoon movie, he was done with ELMO and WINNIE THE POOH. I'm wondering what's next in line soon???? haha!