Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm so glad

I'm talking about my son, i am so glad he is feeling good and back to his normal activities right now because the entire weekend Saturday and Sunday it was too bad he wasn't feeling good at all, he got a fever (102F) and very weak due to his teething stage. I was very worried and couldn't sleep also i keep checking him every hour and did some sponge bath to subside his fever. Poor thing! I am not use when he is sick like that because he don't get sick easily. And this time his teething thing really hit him he don't eat so i tried my best and be sneaky to feed him otherwise he won't never mind at all. Fortunately, his bad days didn't last long since yesterday he was so hyper and jolly again. Whewww! Glad though!


reanaclaire said...

hi.. i m happy to hear yr son is better too.. Thank God for His blessings..

casey said...

im glad sis that you're baby is doing good already. he is so cute.btw, im a mommy too. :) take care sis. mwah! god bless to you and your family :)

from: casey of link ex sis? :)

Shela said...

thanks to you guys apppreciated a lot!