Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Shower!

I just got our invitation for my baby shower this coming Sunday march 15, it's gonna be a dinner/baby shower party. It's unexpected because i know everybody here are busy with things and still they have a chance to trhow me a shower for my baby. I am excited, surprised and grateful that all of them are thinking of me and never forget to give me a party despite of busy time. I am almost in my due date can't imagine moment fly by so so fast! Honestly, until now my things for hospital isn't ready yet to pack unlike before 2 months before the big day everything was packed and ready to go. I guess i will done everything just after the baby shower i am too lazy right now just wanna relax and being mellow. I wonder what gifts my baby's getting right now? Hmmmm.... excited! Not to mention too, my Kurdapyo is including in this baby shower get together thing i learned they have some stuff for him as well! Hey what about me??? LOL!