Monday, February 2, 2009

Safety in Your Home

I found this article very helpful for me, and sure every mom would be interested too. Let me share it with you.

Safety Tips-

Medicines: Keep them out of the child's reach in a locked cupboard. The same goes for nonprescription and natural medicines. Also, ask overnight guests to keep their medicines secure.

Household Chemicals: Store them out of the child's reach in a lockable cupboard. Keep them in their original containers so that they are clearly identified. Keep strict watch over the products as you use them, and always put them away, even if you leave the room for only a moment. Never leave residues of detergent in your dishwasher.

Stove: Always turn the handles of pans inward on the stove. Attach a saucepan guard, if available. Equip the stove with a tilt guard for safety should the child climb on the open oven door. The oven door itself should be equipped with a locking door device. Could the child burn himself by touching the oven door? Then, attach a guard or a grating so that he cannot touch the hot door.

Stairs: Fit gates, at least 30 inches high, at both ends of stairs.

Hot Water: If you can adjust the temperature of your hot water, you should put it down to about 120 degrees fahrenheit so that the child will not be scaled if he or she turns on the tap.

Toys: Discard the toys with sharp edges or corners. Throw away small toys or toys that can be pulled into small pieces, as they can choke the child if put into the mouth. Eyes and noses on the child's teddy bear should be securely fixed. Teach older brothers and sisters to remove their small toys when the baby is on the floor.