Friday, February 27, 2009

For my MOM

I am planning to get my mom a wedding band ring eventually because she lost her wedding ring long long time ago and my dad always busy to get her something until now, LOL! So i told her let me the one to get it for you! Finally this kind of ring catches my eyes! It looks fabulous, stunning and very comfortable to wear since it is joined together on your finger yet can come apart if you just want to wear the solitaire alone. Plus I've read all the positive reviews to several who purchased that they're all satisfied and happy when they got it! And they got plenty of compliments from both men and women how beautiful this ring is. Which in my opinion is true i like the style and just perfect for my mom's little finger, haha! It's always nice to have found a site which carries such high quality jewelry, and I finally found rings at unbelievable prices!! I just hang on to it and i am going to get it for her soon.