Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Protect Your Child from Accidents

Its undeniable that our little ones are so hyper and playful. They are very much curious and wants to learn and discover new things. As parents, we want them to grow and to experience the joys of being a child. But their safety is so important too. Here are some tips parents should know in case of accidents...

Poisoning: If the child has swallowed some toxic liquid, rinse its mouth thoroughly and give it one or two glasses of water or milk to drink. Thereafter, call a doctor or a poison information center for advice. If the child has got something corrosive in its eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water for at least ten minutes.

Burns: For minor burns, apply cold (not too cold) water on the injury for at least 20 minutes. Or you can apply petroleum jelly for it gives relief to minor burns. If the injury is bigger than the child's palm or is located on the face, a joint, or the lower abdomen or genitals, you should take the child to an emergency room. Deeper skin injuries must always be treated by a doctor.

Choking: If something has got stuck in the child's windpipe, it is most urgent that you get the object out quickly. One effective method you might resort to is the Heimlich maneuver. If you are not familiar with it, contact your doctor in order more information about this method, or attend a child-accident or first-aid course where this method is taught.

Article from Awake!