Saturday, February 21, 2009

She's getting married

My childhood friend will soon be engaged which means the wedding would be fast approaching too. I hope I can go back home to the Philippines and be there and witness the happiest day of her life. We chatted a few days ago and told her that I'm so excited for the "Day." But what I'm excited more is the bridal shower that I want friends to prepare for her. It's sad I won't be there at the bridal shower but that does not mean I can't share ideas with them right? Anyway, I also told my sissy about bridal shower ideas I have in mind, we want it simple yet very memorable.

Good thing I found Visit them online and you'll be amaze on how they help you celebrate the most important and beautiful occasions in life. Since I like to know about bridal showers ideas, I visited the link and great, I found it! I really like the Bridal shower: Around the Clock theme where guest are ask to bring gifts that relate to different times in a bride or groom's life. Or the 5 Fun Bridal shower theme, where everyone gets to play and tell about themselves, something like truth or lie. And of course the lingerie party, bet it would be fun! Oh, am so excited! Actually, my gift is ready, lol! I just hope my friend won't get to read this. Shhhhh.... Winks!