Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I still need one!

I'm 7 months pregnant already but I really think my tummy looks bigger than its supposed to be,lol! My Maternity Clothes are getting tighter and tighter everyday specially my maternity bottoms. Although mom told me not to wear pants and jeans anymore but I still prefer to wear it because it's very comfortable. When we go to the mall or somewhere, I still use pants than loose dresses. Of course I want to be sexy and funky during my pregnancy. But my problem is my bottoms does not fit me already, it's so tight, lol! I might get a new one soon, just one more. Good thing I found an online store of maternity and baby products. I tell you, their Maternity Bottoms are fabulous, the dresses are pretty, and they also got super cute hooter hiders! Hey, they also provide free shipping for orders over $50!

Anyway just two months from now and we're having our baby girl. We are all so excited to see our bundle of joy! I'm also excited for the baby shower, actually I don't know when since it's a surprise. I can't thank my family and friends enough for being so generous and sweet. Thanks ahead guys! I wonder if somebody would give me Maternity Swimsuits, I mean that's the only thing I haven't received so far, lol! Gosh! how will I look like? LOL!