Saturday, November 6, 2010

Size 6 and counting..

OMG! i just couldn't help my self but to have smiles on my face right now! I can not believe it that am in size 6 on jeans already... whoohooo! 2 months ago am 8-10 sizes. We just came from the store and i decided to grabbed a size 6 on shorts just curious of how much i lose weight already, and the result was a very nice surprised... it fits me good huh, what a Shucks! LOL. I've been gaining extra weight from time to time after conceiving my two adorable kiddos and i never been in this size for quite awhile, so it feels really good right now knowing the diet works for me! I owe this a lot to the diet plan that I'm doing right now, actually i just started it for almost 2months now and the result is quite fast! Happy happy even just i went down to 1 size for now am so glad that it happened... am size 6 and counting for 2 sizes more at least I'll be in size 2 in summer time next year, ohhhh so wishing! LOL.