Saturday, November 6, 2010

Preventitve winter measures

Guest post written by Steph Pearce

Even though it isn't even Halloween yet, it is definitely feeling nippy and cold outside, so I'm kind of scrambling to make sure that our house and all of us in it are really ready for this winter.

Last year it seems like the cold weather kind of snuck up on us and I had to start wearing my super thick winter coat at the drop of a hat. Also, our house was a little drafty all of a sudden which made it worse. We really just complained about it and didn't do anything about it until recently. Once the temperatures started dropping I couldn't take the thought of hearing everyone complain so I got the house fitted with some Chicago Sears windowsto keep away the draftiness.

Also, the windows just look so much better than they did! Our apartment isnÕt huge, so everything stands out a little bit more than if you were in a house, like some old and tired looking windows. But IÕm most glad that our apartment wonÕt be so drafty this year. As much as I like winter dressing, I donÕt like dressing like that inside my own apartment.