Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cool shopping place to homemakers

I'm just doing my usual online routine and checking updates in FB. Then saw this post about a friend whose inquiring on where to find bedsheets and comforters. She wants to have a lil bedroom makeover and knowing that the holidays are getting near, pretty much there's lot of great deals out there. I kinda like to know also so I click some links and there you go, I landed on 'Bedbathstore, better deals, better decor.' The company has been serving for 40 years, offering great pricing on curtains, bedding, quilts, bathroom accessories, ensembles and more. And to no surprise, right now they do have lots of discounted items perfect for those holiday shopping. My fave ones are the new bedding byTextrade. Its crystal orbit gold comforter set are so pretty, with crystal-like details. The new bedding by Pem America too, the Mirabella collection has floral purple and white details perfect my daughter's purple room.

My girlfriend will really find this website cool, all she's looking for are here. I must say she should also check out new products by the Merchant Source found in this page. All the stuff that beautifies our home are parading, ever tempting with discounts as big as 40%! Now that's an offer! So homemakers out there, especially to my friend, keep this link in handy all the time, winks!


simply kim said...

hmm.. sounds good!

Mom Daughter Style said...

great blog. i love mommy blogs. i'm a follower