Friday, November 19, 2010

Loving the Spring

Pretty soon spring will sprang! actually i can smell winter already. So we must enjoy the spring season before it gets over that's why last weekend we went to a 45 hour drive from home to a mountain a small town on a top. One thing i loved this season is the changing colors of trees it is so amazing how they turn to different colors.. right? I had fun just driving around we choose not to go out because it is really really cold that day we don't wanna get the kiddos sick so after the long drive we stopped by on a fine restaurant on the other side of the town and had lunch.
Hmmmm.... am glad it's Friday again wondering where the mind take us tomorrow! lol.
Happy weekend everyone!


gingerSnaps said...

I can't wait also for the Spring:) luv flowers... Winter makes me sad.

Mayet said...

it's getting colder here everyday! sana nga spring na!!:)

Ella said...

ang ganda ng view..

Have a Sugary day!
~~~ ~~~