Sunday, November 14, 2010

Are you in a diet?

Since I am, I find it quite interesting to visit diet pill forums and see what others got to say. Well, just curious if those products in the market now, that are so many, are indeed effective and safe. The thing am using now isn't actually from one of those websites, it's actually from a friend. She's been using it for quite some time and it really works. So nice of her to let me try it too. Now the same results happens to me as well, thanks to her lol! Anyway, how's your weekend so far? Us just came home from a long drive from the tiny town near the mountains. Twas fun but all we did was take pictures of the view. I wonder how many calories I burned with that activity? Haha!


simply kim said...

i need to go ON A DIET but i'm not sure if i CAN, lol!

Shela said...

lol, if they can yes we can too! thanks for the comment!

sre94 said...

I try to go on a diet all the time but I never have the willpower. Blast my big appetite!