Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sub Night Once Again

Guest post written by Bart Beland

Sub night at my house is always a popular one. Ever since the kids were little we had this tradition of about once a month going to the grocery store and nearly buying them out of sandwich supplies. We use the serving bar in my kitchen to set up a kind of buffet line and we all make our own sandwiches on the most delicious baguettes my wife makes from scratch.

It’s really perfect because since everyone has different tastes, each person can make their sandwich just exactly how they like it. We’ve also found that sub nights have been a great way to get everyone in one room at once, since no one ever wanted to miss it. That’s why we’ve started incorporating them back into our lives—even though the kids are married and even have little ones of their own. In fact, they’re all coming over tomorrow for the inaugural sub night—the first in years!

I’m excited show off my new hearing aids from I’m sure they’ll be thrilled for me—I got such a nice set. My best advice on maxing out quality time with the family? Find something everyone loves—food—and a round table to enjoy it together.