Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A new way to promote my business

It's been almost 6 months since I started my online business which leads me to having my own website as well. Looking back I started from scratch. I didn't know if it will hit my goal, reaching customers as many as many as I can. I must say that things worked out well. Though I also know that in terms of online business am still an amateur. There are things yet to be learned, hard but not impossible. Recently, I came across a new word, retargeting. Retargeting advertising to be exact. How does it worked? Well it is defined by one primary behavior- the person receiving your retargeting advertising has already visited your site! An audience interested in your product and services and keeps on revisiting your website. It's like a cycle. Your website- web surfer visits other popular websites- web surfer sees your add- web surfer clicks your add and returns to your website again.

Sounds interesting isn't it? If you like to know more, just visit Recrue Media, one of the trusted retargeting companies. You can also check them out on facebook, which am so planning to do. winks!