Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She's obsessed...

Of shoes right now, am talking about my 19month old girl. I wonder where she got that huh? But if you ask her daddy he would tell you is that "like mother like daughter", lol! Anyway as soon she's on the floor the first place she wanna be is on their shoe racks. She never turn down her big brother's tennis shoes or his slippers either she wears it anywhere in the house with a smile on her face! Even mommy's sandals if she sees them, i must admit i love it and enjoys it alot seeing her fascinating with them the fact that in her very young age she knows what's fashion is all about, wink!

Anyway, speaking of her obsession kidding aside i just found this new online shoe store for kids. They have lots of adorable boys, girls and of course baby shoes. Those little feet is the cutest part of them that we have to pampered and accessorized! So, i have another online store to visit every now and then that specializing for my kids footwears. One thing that i like about on this store is they are budget friendly. By the way parents that are not sure what is your kids feet sizes? Click'n'Fit will tell you how to measure your children's feet. A step by step tutorial as easy as 123! Well, I definitely shop here one of this days especially winter is just around the corner have to be ready before it gets here! Very timely am looking for new shoes for my baby girl as you all know she love shoes so much she going gaga on shoes! LOL. Enjoy the video and have fun shopping!!