Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween at the Apple Festival

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

This Halloween I will be taking the children to the Apple Festival so that they can trick-or-treat. Year after year we have made the Apple Festival a family tradition and every Halloween when we get home we watch one of our favorite Halloween movies on satellite TV from Since my kids are home schooled we usually wake up on Halloween morning and begin with a Halloween candy hunt around the house. Just like easter eggs, I hide candy around the house and outside in the yard and the kids have a great time hunting for the hidden candy. This is the one and only time during the year that I allow them to eat candy for breakfast. After a candy breakfast we will hang out and decorate pumpkins and add any final touches to the kids costumes if needed. After lunch the kids will change into their costumes and we will leave and start going to families houses before we hit up the Apple Festival. This year my daughter is dressing up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and my son is going to be a Vampire. I always enter them into the best halloween costume contest at the Apple Festival and the kids love it because no matter if they win or not they always get some sort of prize. After the Apple Festival is over we come home, the kids change out of their costumes into their pajamas and we begin watching a Halloween movie. Needless to say we all love Halloween.