Saturday, October 23, 2010

Life extraordinaire

While cleaning the dusty closest I found this nice note, a passage from an old calendar book.

Ideas on how to make everyday life more joyous and extraordinary...

Take time to smell the roses.
Take a nap on Sunday afternoon.
Thrust in God but lock your car.
Never deprive anyone of hope,
it may be all they have.
Eat inspiring food.
Be thankful for every meal.
Wear outrageous underwear
under the most formal business attire.
Enjoy your job,
and you'll never work another day in your life.
Make it a habit to do nice things
for people who will never find out.
be generous, be honest, be romantic.
Never interrupt when someone is complimenting you.
Just take a deep breath and say "Thanks-please tell me more."
Remember no one can make you feel bad,
without your permission.
Attitudes are contagious
is yours worth caathing?
Remember to remeber.
Notice and adjust.
Enjoy the journey.