Saturday, October 16, 2010

Her first bangs

October 12th, '10 is when i first cut my lil baby girl's bangs! A moment to treasure for life. She is so cute ain't she? I've decided to cut her hair for good because she's getting too hyper and hair is all over her face and when she eat all the stuff goes to her hair she loves to play while eating which is i don't care as long she is having fun and she eats that's important! So in order for her not to get so messy momshe did her first bangs! I really kept her curly hair in a treasure! and wrote the date with it just like her big brother's first hair cut. We called her our lil Dora and she loved watching Dora the explorer and when hears it she kinda giggle and dance the Dora dance...haha! So adorable. Love you so much baby! _(*-*)_