Thursday, July 15, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

It's one of my many wishes to watch a live game, whatever it is, basketball, volleyball, or football. I'm not a huge fan but just for once I'd like to experience something like that. I also want to watch a concert of a famous artist. Wondering how it is to be right there, I mean you know singing along. But I know with my very hectic schedule being a stay at home working mom and wife, those things will remain as wishes I supposed. Not unless I'd win free tickets like BUSCH STADIUM TICKETS? Or Comcast Center Tickets? How about Caesars Palace Tickets? Men, that would be awesome! Only the best of the best events happens in those place right?

Nothing's impossible and maybe someday I'd have such tickets. By the way, I didn't believe in winning jackpot that much until the other day. Somebody knocked on our door and and gave us a nice surprise. Our household won a free electric charge for next month, cool! And we're featured on the papers today, cute! Anyway, I hope someday the husband will totally insist to take me out to the ball game. I'd be sooo happy!