Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good morning mommies..

Time to start our day! Fixing something for breakfast? They say it's the most important meal of the day and I agree but since am on a diet, most of the time I skip breakfast. Anyway, I'm so excited to share this silly poem I found while browsing the papers. So timely for breakfast, makes me starve...LOL! I wonder if the author was so hungry and desperately wants some ketchup when he wrote this?

Read on and enjoy.. :D

Where Did All the Ketchup Go?
by Michael Evan Simons

It seems Heinz is hiding, all the bottles disappeared.
And so have all the tomatoes, it's far worst than I feared.
The tortilla chips are lonely because the salsa ran away.
And the mustard on my burger can't find anyone to play.
The hot dogs all feel naked, and all their buns feel bare.
And then there is the pancake, he just doesn't care.
My eggs have scrambled feelings about the missing fruit.
Or maybe it's a vegetable, like I could give a hoot.
The spaghetti has been saddened by its sudden lost.
The meatballs are all panicking, they've lost their only sauce.
The french fries are all mourning, for ketchup was a friend.
But still nobody knows just what brought about the end.
There's too much speculation and hardly any leads.
But in the fridge molasses keeps on laughing till he bleeds.