Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Must not forget

Am almost done packing the box to send in my family in Philippines, but this time it's not shoes though. As you all know my brother is getting married very very soon and ofcourse the preparation is getting serious from ceremony to reception and of course we must not forget the wedding invitation without it this won't be complete. So anyway to make the long story short i offered to my mom that I'll be the one shouldering all the stuff for invitation, favors and decoration. I just got all the necessary stuff for wedding favors at hobby lobby last Saturday and now am fixing to get the invitation as well. On the second note my grandmother is asking me about her supplements to enclosed it in the box am sending. And just for fun... haha i love surprises so am going to get a prenatalvitamins for my future sister in law who knows they might want to have a little family right after they get married and am excited to have nieces and nephew. I know she can use it for their future plans, wink!