Thursday, July 1, 2010

Single mom alone

Written by guest blogger Alex Marker.

As a single mom with a six month old baby, I was a bit paranoid and slightly scared living alone for the first time since my divorce. I moved from a very safe and quiet suburb area, back into the city to be closer to work and daycare. Now the issues at hand was going to be feeling safe enough to go to bed a night without worrying or jumping up every time I heard the slightest little noise. This was hard for me; I had to be a light sleeper to hear the baby when he woke up, and so I had myself trained to hear everything.

I started off by getting a dead bolt lock for my door, I figured if someone wanted to get in, they would; but I was not going to make it easy for them to do. Then I had a adt fire and security in Arizona installed, I thought that would make me feel safer. I could set the alarm at night before we went to bed and it would go off of if someone came in. Well, I still had some issues, so the next week I went to the local dog pound. Here I found the cutest little Chihuahua, now I know this does not sound like a guard dog, but she barks at her own shadow. So now if there is anything I need to know about she can let me know.