Friday, July 31, 2009

Meant to be

Did you ever feel close to someone,
in a way that you couldn’t explain?

A feeling so strong and clear,
that it made you want them near.

You know the feeling I speak of,
and I think you feel it too.

Sometimes it’s hard to speak,
and your knees grow very weak.

Your hands are sweaty and ready to hold,
in expectation of what will unfold.

Your heart skips a beat and shudders too,
it’s the sweetest love you ever knew.

How can this be ever true,
that it makes you love them through and through?

I’ll tell you the secret and don’t he misled,
because happy times are ahead.
This is what I know and see, that after all,
they are meant to be!

© S T F

This is the poem that husband created not long before we met. And it published in a book for all poetic individuals around the world and he won for best poem of the month. I remember where that book is right now! I left it in my family back home haha! And one of the sweetest thing he told me is... that’s how he feel towards me when we started talking each other! I can't help but to be SO KILIG!! lol.


jenie said...

it always is gratifying to be the recipient of an offered love=)

thanks for droppin by my blog...we can ex-links=) visit back and buzz me kurdapya (funny name huh?!)