Monday, July 13, 2009

Creative mom blogger award

I got another tag, yepey! this time it's from mom jerla an award for creative mom and i thank her for awarding me as one of many creative moms out there! wink!
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Here are the simple rules:
  • Take your award and put the logo on your post.
  • Link the person who awarded you. Remember each recipient of the award should acknowledge the person who honored them and go to Mom’s Special Diary to copy and paste the award.
  • Put your own blog title and link.
  • Nominate at least five deserving moms.
1. Mom’s Special Diary 2. The Mommy Journey. 3. Niko’s Blog 4. Pensive Thoughts 5. Random WAHM Thoughts. 6. Blog Appetite 7. The Baby in Between 8. FunFierceFabulous 9. My Life in this Wonderful World 10. Republic of A 11. Great people make us feel we can become great 12. A Mother of yesterday, today and tomorrow 13. Motherly Instinct 14. Your blog
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Now it's my time to tag all the creative mothers, please grab the AWARD! wink wink...


aha moments said...

Hi. I love the blog! Really glad I found it. I love reading about how moms express their creativity.
Speaking of creative moms, Laura sent us a story, about how much creativity has always meant to her, and how it changed when she became a mom. She decided to channel her energy into starting a magazine.
You can check out her video at the link below. Hope you like it!