Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MomShe is Offline

Hey world! I'll be offline for a while today because my laptop charger finally gave up it's been sometimes now that the hook is loose and just trying to make it possible to hanged in the laptop but sadly it broke today when husband hastily move the lappy and just taping it over the table so it won't go anywhere,lol! So for the meantime i can't use computer because am about to low bat now but good thing we have extra charger in the office so husband will get it for me later he's outside doing our garage so busy right now! I'll just wait, yea i can wait despite no income for a bit hehe! Che yah later! winks


Irfan "melodic" Nugroho said...

Ah, you must be miss the internet and blogging of course. Don't make it too long my friend. Wish your lappy gets better soon so you can blogwalking to mine. Thank you

Now, with the remaining power your lappy has, come to my blogs and leave a comment on my latest post. Thank you

Best regards,
Irfan Melodic Nugroho