Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goodies Finally Send to San Diego

Oh it's been few days that i keep telling to my cousin in San Diego to send her the box but circumstances not allow me to send it on time because of so much things going on here husband is so busy to drop it in the postal service and I too is soo busy at home with the kids so it is always postponed but good thing my mother in-law offered to drop it off this morning so probably the box arrive at my cousin's home approximately this Friday! I'm so glad to send my baby's outgrown clothes to her little baby because we decided not to get pregnant anymore so all my little girls stuff will be passing to the family or relatives you know. My daughter is 4months old next week and she's growing fast so i need to sort her things what can wear and what can't wear anymore and send to my cousin. Thank Goodness I finally send it! Sorry for the delay manai, haha!


maritz said...

hello kurdapya...