Friday, July 3, 2009

Future computer geek?

I guess 10 years from now kurdapyo will be a geek like his Dada haha... because at his age 2years and 4months old he can now operate the yahoo messenger and knows how to send it,lol! Whenever am chatting to families he will surely over taken my seat and starts typing and sending sometimes i just spell him the letters and he can chat them by him self already. He is a smart boy like his mom kurdapya haha kidding aside. This is one of our time together in the computer. I think this is a cute drawing, am teaching him how to draw and color things and he enjoys it! He also knows how to hold the mouse right actually he's clicking here and there! Oh boy maybe someday he will be computer expert than his mama on this subject. LOL!


Imelda said...

thats a cute drawing. i dont even know how to draw in comp hahaha.

Beth said...

WOW!!! Genius boy! less than 3 yo and draws in the computer and even do IMs! :)

gab's mom said...

that's a nice drawing. you gave me an idea that i should also start teaching my baby how to really hold the mouse properly... it will serve as his new trick and it will save me from buying a new mouse too. LOL!