Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Surrogate Mother

I am chatting with my family back home every trice a week. Lately, I heard that they are helping a couple to look for a surrogate mother for their baby. Especially my mom and dad they really wanted to help to this couple since this is the son or daughter of my dad's attorney. Well anyway, I learned that the baby was a premature less than days to be 7months old, very crucial for a little one to be born on that age.
Unfortunately, the mama can not breastfeed her baby because isn't time yet for her lactation, and the only thing the doctor advice is breast milk for the baby to survive! When hearing that, I felt so sad can imagined the feeling of them, I am a mother now so I know that was hard to take it seeing your baby in the incubator with all the tube and gadgets sticking on and everything then you can not give the only thing that your baby need... ohhh that's awful! Good thing my parents are there to help them in anyway they could for the family.
My mom and dad are the one looking for surrogate mothers who could give breast milk and everyday or most of the time they bring it in the hospital at least a bottle, each time the baby should take 5cc for every 2-3 hours! my dad said... he felt bad too especially he is a grand father already so they are trying their best to help.
I was thinking that if ever I am there in pinas I will be glad to give some of mine since still having some, bebe still in feeding. Fortunately, my mom has quite bit of friends and her friend's friends. I hope everything turn good and wishing the best of the parents and of course to the little one.