Wednesday, February 13, 2008

our Anniversary

Our anniversary is really fast approaching! I am thinking ever since of what to gift to give hubby, hmmm last year I bought him a Casio watch in-fairness he like it haha he doesn't have a choice! and we ate dinner with bebe in the belly! It was a moment to remember , I even kept our receipt for a memorabilia haha! weird me huh! I guess that's the way I am, keep everything that has something to do with hubby and I. Including the first movie ticket we went together, our tickets in our honeymoon haha things like that!Anyway, right now I am thinking of a nice get together with his family in our house you know pinoy style anniversary where in you invite families and friends eating and have fun. Yet, hubby said it's different here... we supposed to be pampered by them. So right now I don't know what exactly. But either way I am excited and looking forward to our day! I still have couple of days to decide what nice gift for him not that expensive though... just the thought that counts!