Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Speech Disorders Among Children

" More and more children start speaking late and use a very limited vocabulary," says the Polish magazine Wrost, "because adults do not talk with them."Mohers apend 30 minutes a day with their children, on average, a fathers, a "mere seven minutes." As a results, almost 1 child out of every 5 "suffers from certain speech development disorders resulting solely from its arents' negligence." According to Michal Bitniok, a speech therapistand linguist at the Silesian University, warns: "If such children are not treated early enough and remain uncared for, their speech disorders might cause them difficulties at school and in their adult life."

So this is an open mind for us parents, we should always give extra time and give more attention to our dear young once especially in their growing years. Talk and listen to them every single time, don't take them for granted and be aware of their needs. Afterall, If we do this... we will be blessed and proud.