Wednesday, February 13, 2008

driving lesson

In order for me to get a driver licensed here in Tennessee I need to get familiarize everything about driving test thing. Says that it requires the following test I will be taking like vision, knowledge which is writing test that's why I feel seems like going to school again for quite a long time now, needs to know every rules and regulation! Although I'm not complaining but the study guide that hubby hand me to review are quite thick hehe! not just one but two separate sheets! pressure but I guess worth while because I really wanna know how to drive you know here in United States driving is really important. So far I'm kinda getting started to read all this so in no time I'm ready to take the written test and afterwards the last procedure is the hands on test, and this is what hubby patiently teaching me haha! I'm crossing my finger that I can get what I need to learn I'm kinda nervous actually when it comes me handling the car can't help to get panic in certain situation gusshhh! Well this is my big project right now... know how to drive and make hubby proud of me and for myself! lol