Saturday, February 16, 2008

shopping online... cool!

I am hook in online shopping right now since I don't have much time to roam around the store or mall with my husband because I am so lazy to go somewhere because of so freaking cold, and tired of wearing layers clothing. Winter really makes me lazy I don't know, I just prefer to stay at home and do chores, visit my blogs and playing with my bebe and just be lazy! haha. But at times I want to buy or get something so I just go online to look for nice women stuff most of the time. My husband is the one taught me to go online actually he's fond of looking his electronics stuff in the net so I joined with him I shop mine too hehe and I found it cool to go online stores! When I was in pinas, shopping is my relieved medicine when ever I feel sad, bored or upset of something, all I got to do is buy something for my self even just small things.. well mostly I bought blouses just things like that and sometimes treat my self to go eat hehe!