Saturday, February 16, 2008

shoes... are fun!

I loved shoes and sandals to the highest level! I think that's womanly nature. Not to mentioned purses and stuff like that. But right now, I am collecting shoes thanks for the sponsors and courtesy from hehe, when I was in pinas I have several shoes and sandals to wear but not as many as I have here right now, there even though I love them but you know budget is only limited edition hehe! However, here in US people can afford to get what they want... as of now I have 45 pair of shoes in my closet I can't believed I have that many, friends, in-law are fond of giving me shoes really, and I'm just a girl who loved it so what else I could say... wow thank you! even though I couldn't wear them all anymore hehe! I wish family are just close by. The other day, I went to payless store got something for bebe... I can't help to get one for me so did! and when I am about to go pay I saw a very cutie shoes and small for me but I couldn't resist! so I got it for my mama! I will bring it when we visit pinas soon!