Monday, January 9, 2012

It kinda, sorta changed my mind

No online shopping that much! That's one of the things am determined to do this year. I wouldn't give in to the impulse of buying and spending anymore not unless we need it. Though most of my purchases this passed year was because of my business as well so less guilt for me. But as I learned about Nomorerack and all its amazing offers, it kinda, sorta changed my mind. Alright, let me tell you about It is a top destination for shoppers who are looking for quality, brand named accessories and apparels in most affordable prices. All the items they have in their website are up for grabs through exciting daily deals, here now gone tomorrow kinda thing. Yes, once you found a product you like, you gotta put it to cart right away for it's available only for that day. They even have those insanity deals as what they are called for discounts reach up to 95% off the actual retail price! Can you believe it? Incredible right? My eyes popped when I saw their EOS rebel SLR camera with the original price of almost 500 bucks, now down to just $20!

Would you blame me if I changed my mind and do some shopping here? Anyway, you might be wondering how can such amazing deals and items be possible when it sounds so impossible? This is how they work. Behind nomorerack is a team eagerly hunting for deals, closeouts, overstock products, and cancelled orders from different sources. They then pass it through us, the shoppers who want to have the hottest and coolest stuff yet in very low prices. Their shipping rate is reasonable too, 2$ flat rate for every product. Well, this latest online discovery sounds really interesting to me. No haste though. A shopper should be wise and learn more about the whole process especially on things that involves spending. You could check them out too and discover a new way finding deals and saving money. This might be good place to shop without breaking our budget. It could put smiles to especially to mothers out there. Winks!