Thursday, July 7, 2011

Plus Size Clothing

I really want to continue my online business as much as i can! Am already there so why not proceed. Thinking of getting new stuff to sell so it won't get boring for same stuff again and again. Shoes and bags are my thing but I planned to get like designer clothes, apparels and accessories right now. I have little of the ladies and junior fashion already but some are looking for bigger sizes so i guess i might have to try the plus size clothing as well have few friends and their friends of friends that are in women's plus size and they want to be fashionista and pretty of course. The plus size jeans and plus size denim jeans are they gonna ask about so am browsing right now where to fine good deals of jeans. The mustang jeans shaped fit is what one of my costumer like because it fits her good and very comfortable she said. Well, i guess i found one already they have bunch of stuff for women's plus size from tops, to blouses, dresses and bottoms take note very stylish and comfort. Am going to look and check so i can start telling them what new collection will have.


Sports Traveler said...
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PlusClothingExpert said...

I wanna check out the latest trends for plus size clothing. There's quite a great improvement in as years pass by.