Friday, July 1, 2011


Good morning everyone! Waking up so early like 5 in the morning is not a thing for me despite though i have to because we are having yard sale today and tomorrow and it is going to be in our yard. It's Huge yard sale altogether my stuff, sister and mother in-laws imagine how a lot to display huh! Well, everything must go before the big move soon the rest of stuff we couldn't bring might as well get rid of them. From kids stuff to bank bed, toaster and more all that kinda stuff, lol! This will be fun! Girls are selling lemonade because it is gonna be hot today and more so tomorrow! Yay!


Janmah said...

must be fun..hehe good luck:) visiting here mommy!

Silvergirl said...

wow, i love to buy there :P hahaha. Goodluck