Friday, July 8, 2011

Behind my doors

These are the list of my top favorite shoes behind my closet. I have like 50+ shoes and am still counting, lol kidding aside but am certified shoe fetish ever since i could remember but I'm way far to Imeldific :-). I remember when i was in college, i saw a black exotic shoe in a department store one day that moment i fell in love with it and i really asked my papa to buy that shoes otherwise i couldn't move on my life, lol! Never stop bugging him until he bought me those. By the way don't freak out of how many heels, wedge, boots and flats i have because i am also a cheerful giver!

Today I enjoy shoes collecting much and purses also but shoes is my first love. I just love them and makes me feel happy that's one thing i came up a business of fashion for women like me who loves shoes, I'm not just selling to earn but am also sharing the experience that you and i can relate. I know every women has their own favorite thing, what's yours?