Thursday, December 2, 2010

Helping my Mom out for Thanksgiving

The Author of this post is Morgan Mcleod

For years, my grandmother used to make a herb roasted turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Now that she has gone on to a better place, I decided to uphold the tradition and use my grandmother's recipe last year.

The turkey is supposed to be roasted using a mixture of herbs and olive oil splattered both under and over the skin. My grandmother used both fresh and dried herbs in order to produce more flavor. Her recipe called for herbs such as fresh dill, rosemary, chives, dried leaf marjoram and thyme. There is also a standard cornbread dressing using fresh cornbread crumbs that my mother helped me make last Thanksgiving.

Usually, my mother handles most of the other dishes as well. She spends the whole day making a standard cranberry salad, garlic and parsley infused mashed potatoes, a sweet potato casserole topped with pecans, a green bean casserole and some of the most delicious angel biscuits I have ever had. I've been working on my cooking skills because I want to try to help her out more this year. Maybe that way she'll be able to spend more time with the rest of the family this Thanksgiving instead of being in the kitchen all day. Either way it'll be a long day. I'm definitely looking forward to when dinner is finished and being able to kick up my legs and watch some Direct TV with the rest of the family.