Thursday, December 2, 2010

'America's Next Top Model Winner

Ann Ward was the winner of cycle 15 of ANTM, I like her a lot of all the contestants and all the cycles of the show because she is so humble and down to earth girl and as well she said she's the underdog but look at her now the underdog is now on top and very well acknowledge! She also made headlines during the time on audition earlier this year when a judge J.Alexander showed he could fit both his hands around her tiny waist. That's kinda creepy and impressive how she got that waistline you know, lol.

Anyway, she told after the show that "When I saw that I was the winner, I really choked up," the 6'2" Dallas native, 19. "It was really emotional for me because I've been through a lot. I wasn't expecting to win. It totally caught me off guard." "I'm going to invest in my career," she told. "Like, going to New York or wherever they want to take me. I don't want to blow it. I might splurge on video games because I'm a nerd like that."

And according to her she feel way more confident than before, but she know that she have more work to do, that's what she told to the interview after her big win! And happy for her after that show she has plenty of recognition specially on facebook plenty of add request.

She really deserve the title she got the beauty, body and personality! She's got the package to be a model! Congratulation!!