Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Being Thankful, Giving Back

Guest post written by Jim Hawthorne

My wife and I felt really blessed by the abundance of food we got to share with our family in our love home this past Thanksgiving. We remember laughing, enjoying our meal, and spending some quality time with our family in front of the big screen tv. We remember feeling that we really lacked for nothing. When you take a day to be thankful, you really appreciate what you have. On the other hand, it makes you think of all the people who donÕt have half of what you have and probably didnÕt get to enjoy the holiday like we did.

This feeling prompted Julia and I take action. After going downtown on Black Friday to purchase a new MiracleEar hearing aid, we decided we wanted to make a sizable donation to the local food kitchen. We also put together a handful of care packages for the homeless in our community. We only had a few, but we thought they could really impact a few people, if not for a few days. This thanksgiving reminded us that we needed to give someone else something to be thankful for.


alf said...

happy holidays mommy!