Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meet the Robbins

Sissy has been bugging me a lot to register with a social networking site lately. She said it's way better compared to others and how easily we can get connected with friends and almost everyone else. Well I think I should give it a try so I registered. Anyway, this though isn't about it lol! I was just amazed how varied their apps and users are, I didn't even expect to see the Robbins Bros very own account. I'm pretty sure we all know about Robbins Brothers, the world's biggest engagement ring store. I first knew about them when I asked hubby where he bought the one he gave to me. Accordingly Robbins Bros was one of his options since it's very famous for helping couples in love find the engagement rings of their dreams. They also have a lot of great deals specially dedicated to their on line fans and customers. I mean, that's if you share about your most unforgettable date, you'd have a chance to win a free romantic dinner. They also have a bunch of proposal videos, watch them and you'll surely be head over heels. Oh well, thanks for this social site, now I can be updated with the latest treats and offers from the world's leader in jewelry store.

See ya everyone, got to go!