Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I miss my Kurdapyo!

I took this last night he is not moving out though! Just getting ready to sleep over his cousins house they begging us if they can bring him which is he likes it a lot so we decided ok haha even though he's still a fetus for mommy(my baby boy). He is so cute carrying all his stuff all alone so momshe really took a snap shots,lol! Well until now he's not home yet auntie and cousins and him will go first to the park and play a little bit while is not too hot yet and then they will come bring him home later on. I bet he is having fun right now but we missed our son so much the house is so different when Kurdapyo isn't around! Too quite... :-( can't wait to see him!


Lulu said...

galing naman may sleep over na ang baby boy mo!

bilis nang panahon ano?