Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bebe girl's room

These is just few of snap shots of my bebe alexa's room, isn't it pretty? I picked the color combination and the borders and decor. With the help of my sis and mom I-L the room came out perfect though all the decoration are not yet hang but am getting there haha just trying to sneak out when kiddos are napping you know. I love my daughter's room, i've never have my dream bedroom when i was a child is just that i don't care to bug my parents to make me one haha but i promised to my self when i have a girl i will make my dream girls room possible to her so now it was dream came true! I still have more touches to put here and there, wink!


Filipina said...

I love the decorations talagang pang cute!

janethvicy said...

Wow sis the room is very cute..I love it