Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tips for Mothers

How to help your Children Develop a Love for Reading Mommies?
I think this could help us!

  • Set an example by reading regularly yourself. Parents who read are likely to have children who read.
  • Talk to your baby from his infancy. Exposure to meaningful language helps children understand words and concepts that will make learning to read easier.
  • Read to your children regularly. When held on the lap and read to, infants get the message that words and books are good, even when they are not yet old enough to understand the story being read. Continue to read to your children after they have learned to read for themselves. Schoolteachers help children learn how to read, but parents can do much to help them enjoy reading. Children enjoy hearing their favorite stories over and over again.
  • Have books available for your children to read at home.
  • Encourage your children to write. A child who writes is usually a reader also.
  • Choose a definite daily period for family reading. take turns reading, and then discuss the material together. These times should be enjoyable and up building.

Not just for mothers though as well for fathers!