Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Being a full time is a though job! I'm sure mother's like me out there agree? We are the supermama in our own way. We do lots of things for the household like cooking, chores and taking care for our little ones and hubby of course. I used to be an easy go lucky girl because i depend all to my mom about things this and that, well we have different assignments in doing household yet it is very different when you have your own family now, before as we grew up we have kinda yaya just assisting us hehe but here in USA not applicable.

So I personally work 24/7 aside my blogging thing because i want to make sure everything is good and organized, and i can't take it if things are not inplace i get grouchy! though i have some more patching up to do here and there. I tell you being a full time mom a homemaker is really hectic good thing i am managing my time quite well i don't engage to much in one time we need to relax though! for our own good. I'm trying not to be haggard lol yikes! Just now I realized how much a mother important to our lives hehe with out them the household won't be complete. Mabuhay talaga ang mga mommy!!! haha.

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